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Breaking the Cannabis Stereotype

Posted by Maggie Tamo on

Historically, cannabis was used for meditation purposes and as a gateway to get closer to the gods. Cannabis was considered a sacred herb that was celebrated in many cultures for its healing, and spiritual properties. Cannabis use dates back hundreds, and in some cases even thousands of years to societies in China, Central Asia, India, Africa, Brazil, and Jamaica to name a few.

Yet, modern society has relegated this sacred herb to a very dark and sad existence. Cannabis is been demonized and criminalized. However, the negative perceptions created by modern day society can't change the positive properties of the plant.

There are a variety of reasons to use Cannabis.

Medical Cannabis Use - it has been known to help treat the symptoms of chronic diseases such as epilepsy, cancer, Alzheimer's and the list goes on.

Recreational Cannabis Use - it's been know to increase relaxation, creativity, improve mood and sleep. Whatever your reason for using Cannabis it is solely your choice and you should not be judged negatively for it. 

Society would paint you a stereotypical image of the Cannabis user that is a “stoner” - a menace to society. This is not the reality. There is no one specific profile of a Cannabis user. This isn't an herb that is used strictly used by societies "rebels" or criminals. The reality is cannabis is used by CEOs, Doctors, Lawyers, Grandmother's, Fathers, Mothers, etc. All of whom have a legitimate reason for using.

With us on the dawn of legalization. We need to embrace education and choice, and move away from negative stereotypes. Cannabis is for everybody when used responsibly.