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Using good rolling papers can make all the difference.

Posted by Maggie Tamo on

What is the best rolling paper for Weed?

With the sheer amount of smoking accessories available today, what types of papers are available and which ones are best for smoking cannabis? Are you getting the most out of your smoke? How can you tell? We have put together a handy guide to help you determine the ideal type of rolling paper to choose.



Rolling papers don’t just differ in their branding and packaging. The biggest difference is the material used to make them. These include papers made from wood pulp, rice and hemp. Each of these materials has its own pros and cons and can affect things like your joint's burn rate, taste and how easy it is to roll. We take a closer look at the most common materials used below.

But aside from the paper materials used, there are other variables that influence rolling papers, such as the gum used, the paper’s dimensions and yes, even the packaging. Some smokers prefer their rolling papers to be made only from natural materials that are environmentally friendly, so this can be a criterion.




Rolling papers made from wood pulp were the very first ones available and are still the most commonly used. This is pretty much the same type of paper used to make cigarettes and everyday writing paper that you’d use for your grocery list. Because it is so common, you can get this type of rolling paper practically everywhere.

The biggest advantage of these papers is that they are easy to use, which makes them good for those who are still learning to roll a joint.

Papers from wood pulp have a medium-to-fast burn rate and joints that you make with them will usually stay lit pretty well.

The disadvantage of these standard wood pulp papers is that they have the most noticeable aftertaste, unlike papers made from other materials. These papers don’t just have a taste that some dislike, they also contain the most impurities and will produce the most ash. Most importantly, there are health concerns associated with this type of paper.

Not all papers made from wood pulp are the same, though. Depending on the brand, they can still differ in their material composition and in other areas. Some papers are made from 100% wood pulp, while others may be made from a blend of pulp with other materials like flax.

In order to give the standard wood pulp papers their white appearance, they are often bleached with chlorine or some other chemicals. These chemicals used for bleaching, in addition to not being healthy, will also add to the unnatural taste. You can also find unbleached wood pulp papers today, which are usually brown or translucent.



Rolling papers made from rice are normally the thinnest papers, which means they have the least-noticeable taste. But here too, not all rice rolling papers are the same. Some are made with flax or other additives. Most reputable brands list the paper’s materials right on the package. At very least, you should be able to look it up on their website.

Rice rolling papers’ lack of taste is their biggest advantage, but they come with some drawbacks. Rice paper is very thin, which can make rolling a fat one quite a challenge, especially for those who are still learning the art of crafting the perfect jay.

They are slow-burning, which can be an advantage, but it also means that your joint can go out if you take too long of a break.



Hemp rolling papers combine most of the benefits of the above types, without any of the drawbacks. They are made from 100% natural hemp fibre and most of the time, they come unbleached. Hemp papers are not as thin as rice and normally have some texture that makes them easy to grip. This makes for ideal rolling.

Pure hemp paper isn’t entirely free from taste, but unlike wood pulp and papers with unnatural additives, the hemp adds a mild, sweet and musky taste that most smokers consider pleasant.

Hemp paper also burns slowly, but stays lit better than rice paper.

Papers made from natural hemp fibre make for the most natural and “green” way to smoke. Most are unbleached and made without any chemicals, including for the gum used. Many cannabis enthusiasts agree that hemp papers offer the best cannabis smoking experience.

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