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The Vape Kit

The Vape Kit


New Generation Favourite.  

A quick, smoke-free experience that’s easy to dose. Some vaporizers use the whole cannabis flower, and some use a concentrated oil extract. The Club Four20 Vape Kit puts the control in your hands to steadily heat your cannabis flower, extracting the THC, CBD and other cannabinoids with the click of a button.

 *cannabis not included. 

  • 1 Elite Vaporizer (For Ground Material)
    • 1 G Card
    • 1 Pen Tool
    • 1 USB Charging Cable
    • 1 Cleaning Brush
      ** Chamber capacity is ~0.75 grams
      ** Not compatible with concentrates or liquids
      ** Electronic components are backed with a 1-year warranty
  • 1 Grinder
  • 1 Glass Cannabis Container
    • Scent Proof, Air Tight, Pharma Grade, Childproof
    • 14 gram capacity
Once your Elite Vaporizer is fully charged, simply pull out the mouthpiece and fill the chamber with your choice of ground herbs. The Elite Vaporizer operates with a three button operation and turns on with 5 clicks of the power button. Using the temperature buttons on the side select your desired temperature and with another minor click of the power button you’ll be on your way.